cEDH League

Start Date: July 2, 2022

Start Time: 4:30pm

End Time: 8:00pm



cEDH League Rules:
$5 entry fee
Standard Commander Ban list in force
Can 100% proxy your deck but they MUST be full color proxies
NO deck swapping during the event for the day. You can change decks the next event if you want.

We will use a point system to determine the winner for the month:
1st: 6pts
2nd: 4pts
3rd: 3pts
4th: 1pt

Prize Support:
1st place: Cash
Starting pool is $25 with a portion of each days entry fee going into the cash pool. At the end of the month, whoever takes 1st place, wins the pot.

2nd place: 3 standard draft boosters of your choice

3rd place: 2 standard draft boosters of your choice

*just like our normal Commander League, this is a living event and will evolve with time*