Kitchen Table Friday Commander League

Every Friday Night starting at 7pm!

KTFCL Rules:

Only 12 proxies are allowed.

$5 to play in the League for the night.

Deck Power levels of 8 or under are acceptable for KTFCL ( see chart at bottom of page. ) Anything over 8, not including the sub levels of 8, are not permitted. You can try your luck with No Mercy Saturday Commander League.

KTFCL Restricted/Banned List:

  • 0 CMC mana rocks are banned. ( this does NOT include Jeweled Lotus or Lotus Petal. )

  • Mana Vault is banned.

  • You can have a maximum of 2 tutors with a CMC of 2 or less. Here is a list of tutors for reference. Fetch lands are not part of this restriction.

  • Infinite *anythings* are restricted to 3 instances. Your initial instance +2 more instances.

The Raffle:

Your $5 entry fee gets you an automatic raffle ticket for the night's raffle. The raffle varies from single cards to unopened product.

What is The Raffle?

The Raffle is a fun little thing where we raffle off 1-3 items that night (depending on number of participants) in the form of a raffle. Every $5 you spend that night gets you an entry into the raffle and at the end of the night we pull a name from the bag and that person wins the item being raffled off! Raffle entries start at 6:30pm and you will be given a "Last Call" warning for raffle eligible purchases. You do not have to actively participate in KTFCL to be part of the raffle. The raffle is open to everyone, all we ask is that you stay long enough until drawings are finished. If your name is called and you aren't there, we will move on to the next person.

How we determine the winners for the Commander League Event:

We follow a simple point system for the winners of each pod:

Per pod

1st- 6pts

2nd- 4pts

3rd- 3pts

4th- 1pt

Prize Support:

1st: A unique playmat!

2nd: $25 Store Credit

3rd: $15 Store Credit


EDH Power Levels.png