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Check below for house rules and special instructions to enjoy your time at Friday Night Magic!

Every Friday Night starting at 7:30pm!

$10 Entry fee

Casual Commander Friday (CCF) Guidelines:

  • Only 12 proxies are allowed. Proxies must be printed in full color and clear for everyone to read/recognize.

  • Deck Power levels of 8 or under are acceptable for CCF. Anything over 8.5 is not permitted for CCF.

  • See power level chart below for clarification of power levels if you need to.

  • Official Commander Ban list is followed.

CCF House Rules:

  • Infinite *anythings* are allowed but are limited to any time after turn 5. (After talking with you guys, and having random people pipe in to the conversation, as much as I loathe infinite combos, apparently everyone else loves them. So, yeah. After turn 5, to give people a chance to even be able to remotely respond to them, you can go off on your cheap infinites :D )

  • Any instant win conditions (cards that say "you win the game if...." or "if you have....") are also not permitted.



General rules to remember while playing CCF or at the shop at all.

  • Respect other players' time.  Try to keep turns to 5 minutes or less. DO NOT TAKE 15+ MINUTE TURNS *UNLESS* WHAT YOU'RE DOING REQUIRES THE TIME. Slow-Playing is not permitted (unless you're new we understand that) and if you continue to intentionally slow play you will no longer be able to play in CCF and quite possibly, everyone at the shop will not play with you any longer either because nobody likes to sit around for 15 minutes while you take a turn. You're supposed to already have an idea of  what you want to do and how to implement it by the time your turn comes around. If the table has spoken to you about your slow playing, and you continue to slow play, then they have every right to either boot you out of the pod or all scoop and start another game with or without you. Even though there is no official rule on an exact time limit we instituted a House Time Turn Limit.

  • If you're going to win your turn, just say you're going to win that turn. Explain how you're going to win and if no one has a response to it, let that be that. DO NOT SOLITAIRE PLAY FOR 20 MINUTES AND THEN EXPLAIN HOW YOU'RE GOING TO WIN.

  • Mana Weaving is not permitted.

  • Please list your deck on Moxfield and DM it to us either on Facebook or to Willeh on Discord. Have this done no later than Thursdays of each week. Failure to do so will result in you not being able to compete in CCFL that night. Decks checks will be done the day of ONLY IF THERE IS A GOOD REASON for not sending in your deck list sooner. If you are using the same deck as you did the previous week there is obviously no need to do a deck check.

Point System:
1st place: 6 points

2nd place: 4 points

3rd place: 3 points

4th place: 2 points

5th place+: 1 point (this is in case we, for some reason, end up with more than a 4 man pod)

At the end of the month point values will be tallied up and the top 4 will play that for the grand prizes!
Champion: Booster box of the most current Standard Set and $10 store credit.

2nd place: 8 booster packs of the most current Standard Set and $10 store credit

3rd and 4th place: 4 booster packs of the most current Standard Set and $10 store credit.

Friday Night Mini-Games:

There will be some sort of mini-game played for prizes every Friday night. The three most common games we play are:

Raffle: Every $5 spent earns you a ticket towards the raffle. The raffle may be for one big prize, 3 or 4 little prizes, or done in a sort of "silent auction" style where you just put your entries into a bag that corresponds with the prize you'd like to win.

1-60 Challenge: You must roll a 1 or 60 on the 60 sided dice to win a prize.
1st roll: Free

Additional rolls: $1=2 extra rolls.


D6 Poker: You'll roll 5 oversized D6's two times. You choose what to keep or what to re-roll. Do you keep a 4 of a kind? 2 pair? It's up to you. Winner takes all in this mini-game.       

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