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Humans are versatile and live nearly everywhere in Astevar. After the Flux, Humans had to flee the cities and towns they shared with the Elves to other established Human cities. Helping to fortify them and prepare those cities against the Elves and their crusade. Some began building new towns and settlements far away from all of the chaos, hoping to be so far removed they go unnoticed. Some simply became rogues wandering the land, doing questionable things all in the name of survival.


  • May deplete a max of 1 Basic Resource per turn for an extra resource. Put 2 depletion counters on this resource instead of 1.


  • Human Frailty: All Entropy Magic spells cast against Humans have a +1 to any damage or modifiers. (A -1 becomes a -2, etc.) Does not increase spell duration.


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