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Focused Play Days

Focused Play Days do not necessarily mean the only thing going on during that day is what is being focused on, it just means we'd like to give players of a particular game a more dedicated day. So by all means come on in even if you aren't excited about the focus that day. Freeplay is always welcome of anything on any day.

One thing to note though, is that everyday at Decks & Dice we are open is pretty much an open/Freeplay Day for Commander. So no worries about not seeing any specific day (aside from Friday) dedicated as a Commander Day. Pretty much any day we are open you can come in and catch a game of Commander.

Monday- MtG Standard/40k Killteam Ops
Monday feel free to come out to the shop and run some Killteam missions or bang out a few games of MtG Standard!

Tuesday- Freeplay Digimon ONLINE locals

Wednesday-Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Arena/One Piece Pirate Skirmish

Wednesday is the day for Yu-Gi-Oh players! Come and duel it out and see who walks away victorious! Also watch out for some pirates because the One Piece Pirate Skirmish takes place on Wednesdays as well!

Thursday-D&D/cEDH Thursday Throwdown

Thursday the Guild runs the weekly quest from the Quest Board! Bring out your Big Boy decks with the cEDH Thursday Throwdown! 100% proxied decks allowed.

Friday-Casual Commander Friday
/Freeplay Commander

Fridays is our Casual Commander League night. If you do not want to participate in CCF League then you can just come by and pickup some free play games as well!

Saturday- Warhammer 40k/Digimon

Come in on Saturday to play 40k and Digimon!

Again ANY DAY at the shop is technically a free-play day. Just because there's a particular focus doesn't mean you're S.O.L if you want to play Commander on a Wednesday (Yu-Gi-Oh Focused). Bring your friends along, or meet them at the shop, to ensure you're going to be playing what you want to play!

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