Monday-Thursday Focused Playlist

 Monday-Thursdays are pretty much open play days. Feel free to come in and play whatever you want with your buddies or come in to see who is there and what is going on. This section is mainly just to give an idea of what that day's focus will be on. This doesn't mean you can't come in on Pioneer Wednesdays and play Commander, or vice versa. Again, it's just the focus for the specific day.


There's been lots of talk about hosting "x" "y" and "z" formats at the shop on different days so, here is your chance to show your love and support for your own ideas. Lets make this successful. I'm giving the days and opportunities, now it's up to you guys! 


Monday- Free Play Commander

All day, from open to close. Come in and hone your Commander skills. No power limits, no house ban lists, nothing but the standard Commander ban list. Just come in, play, and see how you stack up against everyone.

Tuesday- D&D/Tabletop RPG's

From open until close bring in your group to get in a session of whatever TTRPG you may be playing at the moment. Or use the shop to meet up for a session 0. Whatever you want to do, Tuesdays are the day to make it happen.


Come in and play Pioneer all day long. Bring your friends!


Lets see what happens here. Be sure to bring your friends for this one as these formats don't seem to have much of a pull in the area HOWEVER I'm looking to change that. So, help me change that by showing support for your favorite format on this day and playing at the shop! Open to close, all day, lets make this happen!