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The Cloudy Vision Hopefully Becomes More Clear

I've received a lot of interest in the Facebook post I did the other day about wanting to expand things into the, dare I say, content creation field for the shop. It has been awesome to talk to you guys about the project and I am really excited to be piecing things together.

To give a better idea of what I'm looking to do going in this direction is fairly simple: I want to offer more to the community. Be that news articles that are strictly just the facts, compelling opinion articles, box openings, deck build/army build ideas, possibly painting tutorials, down to simple showing off of new products in the shop or even reviews of products.

We all know I like to think of the shop as more than just a card shop. I like to think of it as a place for people to come, hang out, and have fun. A second home of sorts. Yes, I want your money (lol) but I also want you all to feel welcomed at the shop and generally just be pleased with your experiences there. The money thing is a joke at the shop, just in case you're reading this and aren't a "regular". I believe that adding this kind of content to the website is a step in the right direction in the "more than just a card shop" direction.

I hope over the coming months you will all enjoy the content we put out. Yes, in the beginning it is probably going to be pretty rough. The production value is going to be low, articles will probably end up being as basic as can be as far as display goes, etc.. All of this will change though as we grow and figure things out. Kind of like the shop has changed over the past year. I only ask that you give us a chance and not compare us to the production values of other creators you might watch. Again, it's a process and we *will* get better over time.

This all being said I've come to the "business part" of it. The part that makes everyone cringe and roll their eyes because they "just knew it was coming." If you've made it this far into this article then you obviously believe we can do this type of thing. And we can, but only if we continue to get support from the community. If you follow this link here you can contribute directly to the shop and help us to be able to keep things running, do upgrades to the shop like finally getting a better floor to qualify for WPN status, and be able to keep producing content (when we get all of our ducks in a row.)

As always I would like to thank you all for your continued support, regardless of if you sign up for the Shop Support option or not. You guys are truly amazing. I realize that, towards the end, it might have came off as e-begging but it's really just an option for people who want to support the shop, but can't always spend what they would like to spend at the shop or for people who just really believe in the shop and want to continue to see it succeed.



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