War of the Planeswalkers

Start Date: July 2, 2022

Start Time: 1pm

End Time: 4pm

Entry Fee: $20 for the month

Format: Pauper

Prize Support:

                         1st: $30 base cash pool + more depending on participation.

                         2nd: 4 standard draft booster packs of your choice.

                         3rd: 3 standard draft booster packs of your choice.

-$20 entry fee for the month
-Base prize pool of $30 which will increase dependent on participation with a portion of each entry fee going towards the prize pool
-Format: Pauper
-Follows Pauper Ban/Restricted list
-Entry fee gets you 20 Mana tokens
-Initial pairings are random(we will draw names out of a bag)
-After initial pairings, players challenge each other.
-You can not challenge the same person more than once in the same day (unless participation deems you have to)
-Players must challenge other players, if there is a scenario where people are trying to not challenge in order to get a bye, or willfully not trying to challenge to save their Mana tokens, or a friend group is just continually challenging each other, then the D&D team has full authority to pair people regardless of Mana token count.
-You can have a max of 10 proxies(Must be full color)
-Players who are challenged by other players with fewer Mana tokens than them can not refuse the challenge.
-Players who have fewer Mana tokens than the player that challenged them can deny the challenge.
-Players who have equal Mana tokens can either accept or deny the challenge.

-You're allowed 1 Resurrection(Reaching 0 Mana tokens you can choose to use your Resurrection or give up.) Upon using your Resurrection you return with 10 Mana tokens.
-It will be best of 3. 45 minute time limit.
-Players wager Mana tokens before their games begin, anywhere from 1-3 Mana tokens max. The wager can not exceed the amount of Mana tokens the player with the fewest Mana tokens has. The wager is for the entire best of 3, not the individual games themselves.
-At the end of the event players will report their Mana token count to a D&D team member to be accurately tallied and all Mana tokens will be given back to the shop to be re-issued at the beginning of the next event.
-1st, 2nd and 3rd places are determined by overall Mana token count at the end of the month. If there is a tie, then the two will play one more Bo3 and the winner of that gets the placing. The loser will then challenge the person in the ranking below them for that spot. (Example: If a tie for 1st happens, the loser challenges 2nd place, then the loser of that challenges 3rd place.) Hopefully having Mana token count as a placing prevents this from ever happening but if it does, this is how it will play out.
-You *MUST* compete in at least 3 out of the 4 events for the month with the first and final events being mandatory. If for some reason you can not compete in the final event then all of your progress is forfeit.
-No deck swapping. You must finish the day's event with the same deck you started. However, you can use a different deck during the next event if you'd like.
-No refunds once the War of the Planeswalkers begins.

Prize Support:
1st place: Cash
2nd place: 4 standard boosters of your choice.
3rd place: 3 standard boosters of your choice.

*this will be a "living event" where it will evolve as we fine tune it over time*