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Battlecruiser March KTFC

For the month of March KTFC will be doing a Battlecruiser event. What does that mean? Simple. Let me explain.

Now Available for the event:

Everything NO BAN LIST--exceptions: Conspiracies
You can 100% proxy your deck for these last 2 Fridays of Battlecruiser KTFC

If you are just now wanting to join because of the no ban list playlist, it's still $10 for the rest of the month like everyone else paid in to.

NO WHINING/COMPLAINING/GETTING BUTTHURT/GETTING LOUD AND ANGRY. There is no ban list. There is going to be total shenanigans to the high heavens. You know what  to expect so deal with it properly and curb your emotions.

  • For the first Friday, you're only allowed creatures and sorceries in your deck. (Yes, tutors that are of the sorcery persuasion are allowed. Anything that is a sorcery is fair game.)

  • Each week we will raise the power of the decks by allowing instants, artifacts and enchantments to the mix finally coming to a huge, and probably unexpected, final Friday of the month. (you should expect to make proxies for the final Friday I'll go ahead and say that much.)

  • Entry fee is $10, that covers the entire month. Prizing will vary upon participation of the event.

  • Be careful choosing a commander, you're stuck with them the entire month. Just be aware that every week the decks will be given a wider toolbox to use so you will not be stuck with only creatures and sorceries. Again, choose a commander wisely. Just because you might be squishy week one doesn't mean you'll stay that way. 

  • If we have enough participants we will run the event as a two-headed giant format, otherwise we'll just do the standard Commander pods.

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