Welcome to Decks & Dice LLC. Located at 115 E North 1st Street in downtown Seneca, SC. A new LGS serving Seneca and the surrounding areas.

Here at Decks & Dice LLC we want to be your go to shop for all of your TCG, Tabletop RPG, and Warhammer 40k needs! We carry exclusive specialty dice you won't find anywhere else in the upstate, maybe even in the entire state!


We also carry items hand crafted by local artists so be sure to check those out as well while you're at the shop. They can be found basically anywhere in the shop. I give free reign to the artists to put their pieces wherever they feel would be good. If you see something that interests you by all means, ask us. Odds are it is for sale!

Be sure to like/follow the Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date with the shop! Check back here as well as I will do my best to keep everything as updated as possible! Thank you.

-Jared McKenzie

Decks & Dice LLC Owner

The  Kitchen Table Friday Commander League playmat for September!

Brought to you by Dream Machine Design. Hit him up for any graphic design needs you may have.

Commander League September 2022-Large logo.jpg

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