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Welcome to Decks & Dice LLC. Located at 115 E North 1st Street in downtown Seneca, SC. A new LGS serving Seneca and the surrounding areas.

Here at Decks & Dice LLC we want to be your go to shop for all of your TCG, Tabletop RPG, and Warhammer 40k needs! This can be anything from the newest releases all the way down to sleeves you need to protect that new deck you just brewed or to pick up some more character sheets for your new D&D playgroup. However, as weird as this sounds, we do not dabble with Pokemon singles ONLY SEALED PRODUCT.

We also carry items hand crafted by local artists so be sure to check those out as well while you're at the shop.

Be sure to like/follow the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to keep up to date with the shop!

Be sure to join our discord also!

Also, if after visiting the shop and seeing what we do and you would like to support the shop please consider becoming a Cornerstone Member or simply Toss A Coin to Your LGS Member. These are economical ways for you to continue supporting the shop even if you can't make it out to us all the time or spend as much as you'd like at the shop. Every bit helps and if EVERYONE who followed us on our socials, or even in our Discord, chose one of these options, everyone at the shop would breath a little easier with knowing at least some financial security is there. :D

We are not in conventional times any longer which means unconventional means are necessary to navigate modern day waters.

Last but not the least at all, we offer a military discount of 10% on all of our new/sealed products. This goes for active military AND vets. Just need your active military ID or some other form of ID to prove you are active or a vet. Unfortunately the 10% discount doesn't stack with any other promos we may have going on. A small way to say "Thank you for your service and sacrifices."

-Jared McKenzie

Decks & Dice LLC Owner

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Click here to contact us or you can message us directly on Facebook or Instagram. Just like/follow the pages and start a conversation with us.

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