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Decks & Dice LLC

Welcome to Decks & Dice LLC. Located at 115 E North 1st Street in downtown Seneca, SC. A new LGS serving Seneca and the surrounding areas.

Here at Decks & Dice LLC we want to be your go to shop for all of your TCG, Tabletop RPG, and miniature war gaming needs! This will not be everything we carry so be sure to stop by the shop and check out the other items we will carry as well. Such as select video games, gaming systems, books, and other items.

Decks & Dice is a shop that welcomes players of all levels of experience so we strive to have a welcoming and easy going atmosphere. We encourage anyone who was/is interested in the "Nerd World" to come into the shop and look around. Beginners are more than welcome to come and look around as we have a couple of introductory games out for people to try. Like Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, Flesh and Blood, DBZ Super TCG, and Magic: the Gathering. The Warhammer demo is setup on a table in the front room, as well as the Dungeons and Dragons module. Please ask for the Flesh and Blood, DBZ Super, and Magic: the Gathering starter decks as they are behind the counter. We encourage you to give these games a try or to bring a group if, you know people who were always curious about them, and to sit down and try to figure out/learn the games together. Or, if you have someone who is knowledgeable about them and you want to bring your own resources to learn ANY game that is out there, the shop has plenty of free space for you all to meet and start your adventures!

Be sure to like/follow the Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date with the shop! Check back here as well as I will do my best to keep everything as uniform and updated as possible! Thank you.

-Jared McKenzie

Decks & Dice LLC Owner

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