Event Schedules

Friday: Commander- Come into the store and play some Commander! This is for casual play, not to be confused with the competitive Commander League we will have on Fridays starting December 3rd. *this runs along with Commander League. You don't have to take part in the Commander League to come in and play Commander on Fridays. The only thing is that the pods will be separated into Commander League/Non-Commander League pods*


Saturday: Modern/Flesh and Blood/Force of Will- Bring yourself, and your group, down to the shop to play some Modern(MtG), Flesh and Blood, or Force of Will.

Sundays: Pauper/Free Play- Sundays are short days for us at the shop, so with that in mind, Sundays are our Pauper(MtG) and Free Play days.

Join the Facebook Groups to help your coordinating methods or just to randomly try to get together to play!

TCG group

Warhammer/Tabletop War Gaming group

The backroom can also be rented out for your own personal gaming sessions. It's $20 for the first hour and an additional $10 for every hour after the first. Please let me know if you'd like to do this so we can schedule it accordingly and rearrange the backroom a bit if you need more/less tables.

Tournaments/Competitive Events

Commander League-Starting December 3rd-Monthly Event

Sign Up at the shop!

*this is a competitive event. No proxy allowed unless you actually own the card and prove ownership*

$20 entry fee-$10 for Vanguard-$15 for Recruit if paying for the full month in advance.

$5 for the day regardless of membership status if only going to play for that day.

Each winner of their respective pod will win 1 standard booster pack of their choice at the end of the event for that day.

There will be a point system to determine the winner for the month.

Per pod

1st-5 pts

2nd-3 pts

3rd- 1pt

The winner for the month will be able to reach into the Bag-O-Things and pull out a prize. This could range from sleeves, a playmat, a pre-con Commander deck, or more! Totally random prizes. It could be *anything*.