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Please check out Focused Play Days for a list of daily focuses at the shop!

Kitchen Table Friday Commander

Battlecruiser March KTFC

C'mon Digimon

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Arena

Special Events/One-shot Events

Make Love, Not Heresy! - Every Saturday in February starting at 1pm-5pm, come by the shop and put together a stand-alone Space Marine and paint it! This will give you a chance to talk to our 40k veterans to learn more about the game and have all of your questions answered by actual players while being able to get a small taste of putting together and painting a 40k model!

Warhammer 40k Escalation League

Starts: March 4th at 1:30pm
Ends: June 24th                 

     Entry Fee: $20                                        
                                           Prize Support: You'll receive 4 tickets for your entry. You will write your name on the front of the tickets and on the back you will write: $5 store credit, $5 off a GW Product, $10 off a GW Product, 1 free paint of your choice. On the last Saturday of each month I'll pull a name (or two) out of the bag and you'll win the corresponding prize on the ticket.


  • 500pts for the first month.

  • We will ignore Arks of Omen for the first month but after that we will be doing Arks of Omen missions.

  • Points increase by 500 each month after the first for a max of 2000pts.

  • This is meant to be a fun and casual event so lets treat it like it. Perfect time for you to try out a new army you're not accustomed to playing or any other builds you've been messing around with and want to try out.

Join the Facebook Groups to help your coordinating methods or just to randomly try to get together to play!

TCG group

D&D/TTRPG group

Warhammer/Tabletop War Gaming group

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