Trade In/Store Credit-How it works

Okay, so as a new store trade in/store credit is a rocky place. I know some of you are probably like "What are you talking about? That doesn't sound right" well, you're partly correct and not at the same time. Merely me being a new store, I'm not established like everyone else in the area to be able to "wheel and deal" at the drop of a dime. Trading product for product sounds reasonable, but there's no guarantee what gets traded in will sell and it is a slippery slope of me digging the shop into a hole if I'm not careful. I hope you all understand this because it doesn't mean I don't want trade ins, it just means I have to put some parameters on the usage of store credit. I'll explain more below.

How much do you get for trade ins?

I will give anywhere from 40-50% of the overall value in store credit. Depending on the condition and demand of whatever is traded in. I typically use TCG for cards and I will use ebay/Gamestop for any other kind of trade ins to get a general amount for store credit.

What can I use store credit on?

You can use store credit on pretty much everything in the store, with some guidelines:

Singles: You can only cover 50% of the card's value with store credit.*

Event Fees: Store credit cannot be used to cover event fees.

Drinks: You can use store credit on cans but not the 20oz or other drinks.

Sealed/New product: You can only use 50% of store credit to cover the cost of New/Sealed product. *

Used Product(gaming systems/video games/board games): You can use any amount of store credit you may have towards the purchase of these products.

*- Members of the Vanguard membership can use 60% of their store credit to cover the cost.

These policies are temporary for right now. They're more of a safeguard to help the store survive within the 1st year of operation and will be readdressed after the 1st year is completed and I have more of an idea of the shop's financial viability/stability.