Trade In/Store Credit-How it works

We have altered our trade-in policies to better serve our community. And because of this we will be a little more selective on what we actually take in trade from this point forward.

How much do you get for trade ins?

We will give  60%(+/-) of the overall value in store credit. Depending on the condition and demand of whatever is traded in. We typically use TCG for cards and we will use the recently sold prices from Ebay for any other kind of trade ins to get a general amount for store credit. If you are looking for cash it's around the 40%(+/-) mark of the overall            trade-in value. Again, depending on demand for what you're trading in, condition, etc..

What can I use store credit on?*

You can use store credit on pretty much everything in the store, with the following guideline:

Singles:  You can use 100% store credit to buy singles. 

Sealed/New Product: You can use 70% store credit towards the purchase of sealed product. (Premium products, such as Master's sets/Collector's Boosters, will remain at a 50/50 store credit usage) 

What can you *not* use your store credit on?

The things that you cannot use your store credit on are:

-Secret Lair drops we order for you through the shop.

-Specialty orders we place/make for you.


What is the maximum amount of store credit you can have at one time?

The maximum amount of store credit you can have at one time is $300 right now.

*Negotiations are always on the table but these are the general guidelines in place.

These policies will evolve as time goes on. It's an ever changing landscape as we just try to ensure the shop makes it past the first year or two of operation and gets its feet planted firmly underneath it.

Buying your bulk

We do buy bulk as far as Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh goes. Bulk from other card games will have to be determined on a case by case basis.

Typically we off anywhere from $2-$3 per thousand for your bulk common/uncommons.

Bulk rares usually get .05/each and bulk mythics will pull in about .07-.10/each.