Trade In/Store Credit-How it works

Okay, so as a new store trade in/store credit is a rocky place. I know some of you are probably like "What are you talking about? That doesn't sound right" well, you're partly correct and not at the same time. Merely me being a new store, I'm not established like everyone else in the area to be able to "wheel and deal" at the drop of a dime. Trading product for product sounds reasonable, but there's no guarantee what gets traded in will sell and it is a slippery slope of me digging the shop into a hole if I'm not careful. I hope you all understand this because it doesn't mean I don't want trade ins, it just means I have to put some parameters on the usage of store credit. I'll explain more below.

How much do you get for trade ins?

I will give  60%(+/-) of the overall value in store credit. Depending on the condition and demand of whatever is traded in. I typically use TCG for cards and I will use ebay/Gamestop for any other kind of trade ins to get a general amount for store credit. If you are looking for cash it's around the 35%(+/-) mark of the overall trade-in value. Again, depending on demand for what you're trading in, condition, etc..

What can I use store credit on?

You can use store credit on pretty much everything in the store, with the following guideline:

You can use 75% store credit towards the purchase of anything in the shop (except snacks/drinks). You must pay the other 25% with either cash or card.

Why is this you may ask? Let me be totally honest and transparent with you all, in case you skipped the first paragraph of this page :) It's because not everything that gets traded in is guaranteed to move (be sold) in a timely manner to recoup the "losses" the shop might take in a trade-in. Other more established shops in the area can absorb these "losses" and sit on product for 4, 5, 6 months, even years without making their money back on these trades. This early in the game, the shop simply cannot do that at this point. I hope you all understand this, and thank you in advance for understanding.

What can you *not* use your store credit on?

The things that you cannot use your store credit on are:

-Secret Lair drops we order for you through the shop.

-Specialty orders we place/make for you.

What is the maximum amount of store credit you can have at one time?

The maximum amount of store credit you can have at one time is $300 right now.

These policies are temporary for now. They're more of a safeguard to help the store survive within the 1st year of operation and will be readdressed after the 1st year is completed and I have more of an idea of the shop's financial viability/stability.