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Basilin are the reptilian people of the far away jungles, deserts, and plains of Astevar. Hardly touched or encroached upon by the other Factions, save for the Grimalkin whose traveling merchant caravans seem to reach everywhere and the Orcks who share the deserts with them. But the Elves began pushing deeper and deeper into the jungles, picking off small Basilin settlements and caravans. The Elves also began using long forgotten underground Dwarven roads to gain access to the Basilin desert cities, coming up through the sewers at night to bring chaos and destruction to the Basilins. The Basilins emerged from their remote homelands to push back the invading Elven armies.


  • During the End Phase of your turn Basilins regenerate +1 HP.



  • Cold Blooded: Any source of Fire or Water Damage is increased by 1 point.

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