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What is a Cornerstone Member you ask yourself? Well, you are the piece of the community that helps make the shop stronger. You want to see the shop not just survive, but thrive. With your monthly subscription you ensure that the shop can keep providing you a place to come hang out with your friends and play the games that bring us all together.

Can't afford the $9.99/mnth option but are still wanting to support the shop? Check out the Toss a Coin To Your LGS option. It's only $4.99/mnth!


How to become a Cornerstone Member?

This is the easy part. All you have to do is click here or visit the shop portion of the menu bar up top on the page. Your $10/month sub will go towards helping the shop with all things crucial to it's day-to-day operations. Helping to ensure the shop can hang around just that much longer. Friendly reminder to use coupon code FREE SHIP to knock out the shipping charge. Still figuring out the store system and this is the only way to get things to work for right now.

Why become a Cornerstone Member?

Simple. You understand that in this day and age the old model of things simply does not work as well as it once did. Due to ever increasing prices and general shenanigans of the industry it's even harder for an LGS to survive today than it was even 5 years ago. The team appreciates your support and there are special perks for becoming a Cornerstone Member.


What does the membership unlock for you?

Access to the exclusive Cornerstone Members Discord Channel: This not only gives you direct contact with us at the shop, but it will be the best way for Cornerstone Members to keep up to date with anything specifically put in place for Cornerstone Members. This will also be where we will list things that are up for pre-order as well as any other random shenanigans we might throw at you guys; like special flash sales or whatever. 

Cornerstone Day Sale(s): One random day during the month where all active Cornerstone Members will receive at least 10% off any sealed/new products they purchase! Plus, since we are organized chaos at the shop,  you'll have access to any other random things we decide to toss your way too like flash sales, special pricing, trade-in deals, etc..

Games Workshop Discount: You'll receive a permanent sale of 10% off all GW products (not Citadel products). This includes anything in stock and anything you have us special order. This will not stack with a Cornerstone Day promotion unfortunately.

Access to TCG Pre-Orders and Special Pricing: We will open up pre-orders for TCG products roughly 2 weeks before official launch for pre-order. Everything is subject to allocations and we may, or may not, get everything we request. Please keep that in mind when ordering products that are currently having stock issues such as One Piece. Also, as long as your Cornerstone Membership is active, you'll save $5 on sealed TCG booster boxes! (Yes, this works for MtG Set/Collector boxes and on most booster boxes of premium sets of any TCG. Limited to 2 boxes a day for right now.)


This is a new program and I know it seems very odd to some of you for a LGS to have a program like this but again, times are different and things need to adapt. People pay $10+/month for random services and only use them ever so often, why not pay $10/month to a brick-and-mortar shop that not only offers you services like buying/selling/trading items for your favorite hobby but also gives you a tangible place to come play your favorite games at with other people and have a blast while doing so?

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