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Goblins are usually seen in the mountains, hills, and swamps of Astevar trying to squeeze out an existence. Or in Orckish settlements as slaves or second-class citizens at best. The Elves saw goblins as a plague on the world and went to great lengths to get rid of them, wherever they might reside, even before the Flux. The Goblins have banded together with the other races out of fear, self-preservation, and the hope they can continue to exist just for one more day in this new world.  


  • Sneak Attacks: When attacking from the rear Goblins get an additional +1 to melee, ranged and Unit Magic damage.


  • Fight or Flight: When initially attacked by any Unit or War Machine (does not stack from each attack by the same Unit/War Machine) roll a d10:

1-3= Goblin Unit Flees to closest empty space within its movement parameters (controller’s choice). If there is no available space the Goblin unit skips their next combat phase out of terror.

4-10= Goblin Unit stands their ground 

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