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The Grimalkin are a catlike race of people that are, for the most part, nomadic in nature. Only seeming to stay in one place and build a city if it is surrounded by vast resources and of strategic importance to their trade routes. Due to their cities usually being so secluded and generally spread out, only bands of traveling merchants and other wandering Grimalkin tribes were running into the Elves after the Flux happened. Those that survived managed to make it to the cities, but their stories were brushed off as one-off encounters, until the Elves made their way to the first few major Grimalkin cities and took them by force. Now the Grimalkin stand with the other Factions to protect their homelands and very way of life.



  • Agility- All Ranged attacks made against Grimalkin’s suffer a -1 Attack Roll.



Lay about: If a Grimalkin unit does not move during the Movement Phase (and is not engaged in combat already) they skip their next movement phase.

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