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Half elves got it especially hard during The Flux. Not being fully affected by it, they avoided the massacres that followed shortly after due to the elven blood that runs through their veins, but they had to watch friends and loved ones fall all around them in various cities and settlements as the Elvish attacks began. This is the main reason the Half Elves have joined with the other Factions. While most resisted The Flux, there were some that fell victims to it as well and joined their full-blooded kin in their crusade. Most of the Factions are wary of Half Elves, often thinking they are just one day away from falling victim to The Flux as well, causing unneeded tension and distrust.


  • Inherited Resistance: Half-Elves receive a -1 to Magic Resistance rolls.

  • Half-Elves can be a part of the Elvish Faction.



  • Mixed Blood: -1 to HP gains from Healing Magics cast from non-Elven sources. World Magic/Actions are not affected by this.

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