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Halfkins are happy-go-lucky people. Always looking for a reason to celebrate, make the best out of a situation, generally accepting of most other peoples though they tend to stay to themselves and not go out of their way to intermingle with the other races as they tend to get taken advantage of merely due to their small physical stature and hesitancy towards being violent but when pushed to their breaking point have no problems fighting back. The Halfkins were among the easiest targets for the Elves. The Elves came through swiftly and met little resistance as they took over the Halfkin lands and resources. Those that did not flee or get killed during the initial onslaught were enslaved by the Elves.


  • Burst of Courage- For this combat phase the Halfkin unit receives +1 Attack Roll and +1 to all damage dealt but skips their next combat phase.


  • Small Stature- Can only use Light Armors and Small Weapons.

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