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Orcks are a tribalistic and brutish civilization mainly found in the deserts of Astevar. With rules and social constructs seen as primal, the Orcks thought nothing of the first few pushes by the Elves into their territories, able to fend them off. But as time went on and the Elven armies got larger, more advanced, and the attacks got more brutal, the Orckish lands started falling one by one. Forcing the Orcks into an uneasy pact with the other races with the hopes of bringing a swift, yet violent revenge, towards the Elves for destroying their kin and homelands. Hoping to one day return to their lost cities and start rebuilding.


  • Unflinching: -1 to all melee and ranged damage received


  • Healing Magics and Protective Magics cast on Orcks by non-Orck Magic users(Goblins may cast these spells on Orcks with no penalty), is reduced by 1. World Magic/Actions are not affected.

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