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Dwarves are a hardy and resilient people who love a good laugh, a hardy pint, and a good brawl. They are renowned blacksmiths and engineers. Spending most of their time in their mountainous homes, constructing new machines, mining precious resources, and minding their own affairs, only interacting with the other inhabitants to do trade and take care of random personal matters, the dwarves were made aware of the Flux when waves of Elves swarmed their mining towns and cities. Killing all the dwarves they could while taking the dwarven settlements and mines for themselves. The Dwarves are more than eager to return the favor to the Elves for taking their homelands that have been in Dwarven society for ages.


  •  Engineer Mind: All Structures and War Machines cost 1 less Resources to play. Cannot lower Resource Costs to less than 1. This is a one-time effect and does not stack per Dwarven unit.


  • Weapon Preference: Can only use axes, hammers, polearms or crossbows. This includes all sizes of each weapon.

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