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War of the Vales is a hybrid tabletop game that combines elements of Magic: the Gathering and Warhammer into one game. You take control of an army and build a deck with units, spells, equipment, structures, and war machines all to try and kill your opponents' generals before they kill yours or a certain point value is reached.

War of the Vales allows for the deep strategies of a tabletop war game and that of a deck building game all in one place. Everything operates on a simple d10 system so there's no need for trying to keep track of multiple dice.

You can check out  the Core Rulebook here.

*This is a work in progress and I am adding to this every chance I get. Please be patient as updates might take a little while just due to my schedule and free time*

Meet the Factions/Armies











War of the Vales is played on a gridded playmat that allows you to move your units around the battlefield in an almost chess like strategic manner. There are bonuses for flanking and rear attacks. Movement is critical in War of the Vales which adds a level of strategy, and intricacy, not seen in any other TCG games.

Your goal of the game is to either defeat both of your opponent's Generals or reach 25 points or more. Each player controls a certain Faction that has its own bonuses and penalties.

Each player can make their own decks by either mixing Factions or doing singular Factions. Only you cannot mix more than 2 Factions together.

Players use Resources to help fund their Factions, bring units into play and cast powerful player spells. Each player has a 20 card Resource deck they can build, with each Resource giving bonuses to their armies depending upon the amount of each Resource you have in play. There are Bountiful Resources that are Faction specific that bolster their respective Factions also!

War of the Vales introduces No Man's Land to the battlefield. No Man's Land represents the world of Astevar as a whole by allowing both players to build a No Man's Land deck of 12 cards, consisting of anything from traps, creatures, to lost equipment and even Resources.

Please check out the link above to the Core Rulebook and give it a read. We will be playtesting War of the Vales at the shop off and on so if you see us playing feel free to ask about it and to maybe even join in!

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